Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and my new blog. I’m Lucy – I’m a proud mum of three, so as you can imagine I’m pretty busy. Between school runs, taking care of the house, work, errands and you know, attempting to sleep, finding time for yourself almost seems impossible. Gone are the days of spontaneously grabbing a coffee with a friend or long, romantic date nights. Aside from a social life, what I struggled with the most as a new mum was just finding some quiet moments for a little me time. Even a 5-minute break can be so important for your sanity! It took a bit of effort, but a fundamental change in how I approach my daily routine made such a difference to my life – so I decided to start this blog to share some of what I learned and hopefully give other mums some useful tips to help you make your own schedule that not only works for all your responsibilities, but for yourself as well.

One of the things that struck me most when I was adjusting to life as a mother was the sheer amount of mess! I was never a neat freak, but by the time my second arrived, I was shocked at how quickly it all accumulated – dishes, laundry, strewn toys, even regular showers became a luxury. By baby number 3, if I neglected the house for even so much as a day, it would resemble a bomb site. And the amount of products I would go through to clean up was shocking! Laundry detergent, dishwasher capsules, anti-bac spray, kitchen towels, sponges, not to mention other rubbish – sandwich bags, broken toys, wasted food, diapers, delivery packaging. There was one week where I filled up 4 bags of rubbish and recycling in just 2 days. When I saw this, I knew I had to make a change. A hectic lifestyle leads to so much unnecessary waste – I felt so guilty about the volume of trash I was creating and I knew that there was no way it would get better without making some radical changes. 

Being a mother of three and being eco-conscious might sound like far too big a challenge, and I was hesitant to begin with – how am I supposed to be more sustainable when I barely even have the time or energy to take care of myself on a daily basis! But I’m here to tell you that going eco can actually make your life a lot easier! And you can use all the time and hassle you’ll save for some much-needed r ‘n’ r. 

Before I became a working mum, my “me time” was cooking. I adore cooking and however tough my day was, coming home and experimenting with a new recipe, having those wonderful smells fill up the kitchen, never failed to make me feel better. Sadly, this changed a lot when I started a family. Keeping two fussy toddlers fed, whilst breastfeeding and pumping, turned into a hideous chore. And trying to eat healthily? Forget about it! But now that my kids are a little older, I’ve rediscovered my love of cooking – plus opened a whole new world of both food shopping and preparation. Opting for organic and going local has not only reinvigorated my recipes, but it’s actually no less convenient than a supermarket, if not more so, and can even save a fair amount on your weekly shop!

Becoming a mum doesn’t mean that you have to completely redefine yourself or lose the person you used to be – it’s all about finding a balance. Over the past few years, I’ve found that discovering new things can actually help you reconnect with your old self – and what better way to do that than by becoming more eco friendly in the process!

So whether it’s through the world of cooking, going out, work or self-care, I hope you find some inspiration through my blog to start a new, green and exciting chapter in your life. Keep an eye on my new posts and happy scrolling!